lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Jim Moffatt

So how did you came up with all this? How you began your music career?
My parents were drunks. So I hid behind my guitar.  Still do in some ways but now I can play J

What' s your methods at the time of writing a song?
Many many different ways to write a song. Sometimes it’s the rhythm of the streets that gets me going.  Sometimes something I hear on the buss of a private telephone conversation that we all hear in public places.  There is no set way but only the yielding to the muse at the moment.

Who are your music influences? 
Anyone who writes a song with a story.

How would you define your music?
Jim Croce meets Godzilla.

What's the song you can't stop listen?
The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers. Very positive, uplifting and just a tad rebellious.

Are you Ok, with the direction you're moving?
Musically sure I love what I do but playing as a single or duo doesn’t give me the texture I always want.
Its time to get a band together and I will be starting that project in the very near future

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