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Generation Letter

What is the meaning behind the band's name?
Paul wrote to his generation in the form of letters.  He had no idea at the time that his letters were being superintended by the Holy Spirit to become the living and active Word of God.  Those letters have affected countless millions of people and have shaped the understanding of God’s character and His plan of Salvation though Jesus Christ.  We are taking those letters (the Word of God) and offering hope to our generations (there are 2 in the band) through the timeless message that God is passionately pursuing lost and lonely people to offer them freedom, salvation and a life of ever increasing joy and peace as they become all that He intends them to be.

How was the band started?
Generation Letter started as a local Orlando, FL Rock & Roll Band with a heart to serve God.  We have grown in our skills and abilities and truly enjoy worshipping God and leading His people to know Him more fully.
Our beginnings date back to inspiration from Sovereign Grace Ministries Producer, Integrity Music Songwriter and Under Ground Grace Records President, Steve Cook who suggested that we collaborate on some song writing ideas.  One thing led to another and we realized that together we could create a unique musical blend for the Christian music genre. We have been so blessed by God.  Some of those blessings include:
• Grand Prize Winners 2008 John Lennon Song Writing Competition Gospel Category
• Grand Prize Winners 2009 John Lennon Song Writing Competition Gospel Category
• GMA/ 2008 National Battle of the Bands Grand Prize Winners
• Creation Festival 2008 National Talent Search Winners
• LifeLight Festival 2008 National Talent Search Winners
• 3rd Place 2008 Billboard World Song Contest Contemporary Christian Category
• World Vision 2009 Artist Associates
• Finalists, Indie Singer Songwriter Competition; Contemporary Christian & Fan Favorite

We have been honored to share the stage with some of Christian Music’s most prestigious artists as well as numerous breakout artists including MercyMe, Red, Stellar Kart, Worth Dying For, KJ-52, Reilly, West Coast Revival, Vicky Beeching, Helen Baylor, Vicki Yohe, Steve & Vikki Cook, Ron Kenoly, Curtis Allen a.k.a. VOICE, Bob Kauflin, Alvin Slaughter, SHIROCK, Tall Tree, Na Band, ZELOS and many more.

What's the message your try to transmit with your music?
Generation Letter’s vision is to be a band that glorifies the Savior, offers the world biblically sound lyrics and delivers them with unmatched musical creativity. Not only is our vision to create and record great music that magnifies The Creator, but we want to freely share the joy of worshipping God with a biblically informed theology of worship to all who listen to our songs.

What is your method at the time of writing a song?
We are four very different people when it comes to musical taste and melodic ideas.  Typically one of us will bring a melody or song idea, or maybe even an entire song to our songwriting sessions and the rest of us will offer insight, ideas and critique and slowly the synergy of four guys makes a good song into a great one.  We then rehash the lyrics numerous times and get pastoral counsel on our theological themes to ensure that our lyrical presentation aligns with Scripture.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Foo Fighters, Hillsong United, David Crowder, Switchfoot, Pete Yorn, Linkin' Park, The Afters; the list is nearly endless.  There are so many talented musicians out there and music is a common gift from God.  While it is unfortunate that many gifted musicians use their gifts to write music that mocks or dishonors God, we often can learn much from their musical style and creativity.  Our job as Christians is to be a redemptive force in the world; salt if you will, and we love to take a musical idea that might have been intended for evil and turn it into something that glorifies the Creator of all music!

What plans do you guys have for the future?
We are open to God’s leading but would love to be used to write worship songs for the Church and share the joy of worshipping God with people all over the world.  We want to grow in our understanding of the grace of God, increase in gratefulness and recognize what an amazing privilege it is to be able to stand before a Holy God instead of being relegated to living under fear and judgment because we have a Savior who bore God’s wrath on our behalf.

Which has been the funniest prank you guys have been or took part while on tour or after a show??
 This is confidential information, but who knows one day we might add a pranks tab to our website!

If you guys were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour and help is 65 miles away from where you are, who would you guys send to look for help?  While the rest of you are waiting you discover that there is no food; the only way to feed yourself is by eating one another! Who would you eat first?
 We would likely send Alex since he is the smartest and most resourceful among us and we would likely have to eat Stephen since he is the youngest!  We would need LOTS of barbeque sauce however, to make the meal palatable!

Which country you guys would love to play?
 We all love to travel and to have the chance to take our music around the globe would be a prayer answered and a dream come true! We could start in Italy then head to Germany, Australia, Cuba, Bolivia and any other place that God would allow.

With which bands you guys would love to share stage?
We appreciate the musical excellence and heart for ministry of guys like Third Day, Switchfoot, David Crowder Band, Toby Mac, Hillsong United, Reilly, Jars of Clay and so many more.  To have a chance to tour with them would be very inspirational.

Are you guys OK, with the direction the band is going actually?
As musicians we are never fully satisfied with anything we create and that is likely a good thing, since new songs are written every day by talented folks around the globe and it’s unwise to rest on past successes.  We want each son we craft to be a better song than the last one.  We strive to find more creative lyrical patterns and more thoughtful musical nuances.  That being said, we are so grateful for all that God has allowed us to participate in His Kingdom here on earth thus far and hopefully our influence and opportunities will increase exponentially.

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