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What's the meaning behind the band's name?
The name “NXTRDAY” came from our former drummer’s son that said something fun in Danish. Translated to English it became “NXTRDAY”. I personally think of “NXTRDAY” as the day after judgment day..!

How the band started??
None of the founding members is in the band anymore. The last of the founding members (Michael) was the drummer who left the band a few months ago. We have a new drummer now called Mark. But it was started be 3 guys who wanted to make music and lyrics that made people think about the world and that is still the philosophy of the band. I met our lead singer (Jesper) at my job 4 years ago and that is how I got into the band. I thought the idea of the band was great but the music was to soft and boring. Since then we been working on making the music and lyrics better, harder more power full and filled with energy also when we play live..!   

What's the message to transmit with your music??
The message(s) in our music is that there are a lot of things wrong with the world and the way we deal with it. We write songs about: Bad music in the radio, sexual abuse of children, war, politics, hunger, pollution, the war against terror that should be a war against hunger and other things that makes our urine boil. I live buy the words “change the world or die trying” and “I wish we all could agree to ROCK the planet and change the world”. I think the main message is that we (humans) need to change our mentality if we want to survive ourselves and not spoil the planet earth totally..!  

What's your method at the time of writing a song??
The lyrics for our songs are written by my and our former drummer. He still sends us lyrics that can use if we want to. The music usually comes from ideas (riffs, intros, melodies) that I get. I can not tell where it comes from but I feel inspired to make music almost 24 hours a day. Some songwriters and composers can sometimes have a hard time finding inspiration. I sometimes feel the opposite way. Too many ideas and not enough time to realize them..!

Which are your music influences??
AC/DC was the first rock band I started listening to so they where the first inspiration. Then bands like Metallica, Iron maiden, Motorhead and Pantera. One day a guy introduced to a band called The Exploited. It was Punk with an attitude that I thought was pretty cool. Another punk band that I really like is a Swedish band called Millencolin. My biggest inspiration is Therapy?  Because they have an honest sound and do stuff with their music that I dream of doing..!    

What plans do you guys have for the future??
We will release an “EP” named the “The future will be..?”  With 7 songs. The cover art for the album is the only thing we need to release it. We have a few shows in the calendar that we are rehearsing for with our new drummer. Hopefully we will record enough songs to release a full album next year. The final plan: Dominate the world and change it to a better place for our children. We know it will not happen but we will die trying..!  

Which has been the funniest prank you guys have been or took part while on tour or after a show??
This is more tragic than fun: We had a support gig for a band called “The dreams” (a big name in Denmark). We came in good time for the sound check and were quite exited. When we got on stage to make the sound check our drummer realized that he forgot to bring his cymbals, hi-hat and little drum. He got very quiet and small and turned to talk with the drummer from “the dreams” to ask him to borrow his gear. He was okay with it and we played the gig of our lives so far..!     

If you guys were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour. The help is 65 miles away from where you guys are, ¿Who would you guys send to look for help? And if while the rest wait, there's no food and the only way to feed yourself is by eating each other, ¿Who would you eat first?
Our lead singer would be sent out to look for help because he is the most responsible person in the band. We would not eat him because his got kids and kids deserve to be with their parents. I have a 2 year old daughter so they would not eat me. Our drummer is too skinny so we would starve to death. But our bass player has no kids or wife and eating him could keep us alive for a long time...!  

Which country you guys would love to play?
Germany, Sweden and Great Britain because it is close to Denmark and we believe our music can make it there. U.S.A and the rest of the world would be nice too..!

With which bands you guys would love to share stage??
Therapy?  and  all the other bands we are inspired of.

Are you guys OK, with the direction the band is going actually?
Definitely OK. With our new drummer there is a new energy in the band and we are getting more and more experimental and rough in our sound. It also seems like we are getting more opportunities so we just keep it up and do the best we can.
“The future will be..?

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