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How did you get started with all this??
“All this” started after a long journey.

Music was always part of our lives, ever since we were children. It was only in Los Angeles where we met each other through mutual friends and started to jam wherever we could. In 2007, we decided to form band twenty7 and let the music of the band grow with our experience, inspirations, and cultural influences.

What's the message to transmit with your music??
Our message is to live life and love.

What's your method at the time of writing a song??
There’s no real method to it. You just grab a pen and put down whatever comes to your mind in notes. When we play our new songs during rehearsals, all of us add our own style, bringing forth new ideas and making it our song.

What are your music influences??
In terms of influences by other musicians and bands, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd have always had an impact on us. Traditional Middle Eastern melodies and folk songs have geared the direction of our music as well.  

What plans do you have for the future?
In the long-run, we want to tour the world. In the short-run, we plan to continue performing at different venues, including the legendary Whisky a Go Go and The Joint, on the 27th of every month. Currently, we are finishing our edits to have our second music video for our single No Chemcial Love ready in two weeks and working on putting together an album of our 3 most popular singles by the end of this year. For information on live performances and other updates, please visit our website at http://www.bandtwenty7.com or follow us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bandtwenty7. 

What has been the funniest prank you have been in or took part while on tour or after a show??
We hate to admit it, but we’re so bad with pranks.

If you were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour and help is 65 miles away from where you and your band (if any) are, who would you send to look for help? And, while the rest wait, there's no food and the only way to feed yourself is by eating each other, who would you eat first?
If you’re telling us that we would have to eat each another while we wait, I don’t think any of us would wait – all of us would get on their feet and start looking for help.

In which country would you love to play?
We want to play wherever the sky meets the field. One thing we noticed having played in the United States and Turkey is that people of different cultures and languages share the same feelings and thoughts when they hear our music. We want to continue that experience everywhere and not limit ourselves to any one country.

With which bands would you love to share stage??
If we could go back in time, we would love to play with the Doors, Pink Floyd, or Jimi Hendrix. All of them broke new grounds in rock music and it would be awesome to be part of their history and share the stage with them.

Are you OK with the direction the band is going?
For sure. The support we have been receiving is only growing, so we know we’re going the right direction. The journey continues…

For more information: http://www.bandtwenty7.com

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